Introducing Project Ceramico! The Ceramicos are a collaboration between SB Acoustics, Jeff Bagby and Javad Shadzi, they feature SBA’s new ceramic 8'' woofers, 5'' midranges and 1” dome tweeter. Jeff will be designed the crossover with Javad assistance and building the enclosure with Jeff’s design input.

Attached you'll see some final finished pictures, some measurements, the crossover schematics, etc.

Enclosure volume is 2 cubic feet sealed, medium stuffing around woofers, mid enclosure is heavily stuffed.

Center of tweeter is 3" from top of baffle, center of mid is 8" from the top of the baffle, woofers are located below doesn't matter, baffle width is 12".

Enclosure ID recommended would be 36" tall x 10.5 wide x 9.5" deep

I'm thrilled with how these turned out all around and I hope they're well received at Axpona. This was a notable project for me on several levels.

This was the first time I've worked with higher end SBA drivers, these drivers remind me that there is no substitute for good drivers that work well together. This tweeter and 5" mid could be used together with no padding which is nice, the smooth detail that these drivers produce is astonishing, with excellent dispersion the Ceramicos image eerily good, probably the best imaging speaker I've ever built.

I've known Jeff for a little while now but this was the first time we got to work really closely together, it was really neat to work with Jeff and learn about some of his techniques. Most notably was his ability to model response, dispersion and phase far past the near field microphone measurement. As such, it was somewhat uncomfortable territory for me measuring near field response as not flat, but trusting Jeff's ability to model out further at 2 and 3 meters. Ultimately it was my listening impressions that guided changes to component values accompanied by Jeff's modeling confirmations. I'm interested to hear what he thinks, though it has his modeling stamp of approval, he hasn't heard them but through my ears.

How do they sound? Very, very good, these are the kind of speakers that can play any music well. Top end response is smooth and detailed, I was able to dial in the bass response and quality with stuffing, I ultimately switched from poly fill to Ultratouch Denim with heavy fill, it smoothed out bass response and really got rid of some "bloom" and boominess that I didn't like (see the attached response comparison). They play low notes easily to 30hz which is impressive for a sealed passive design, they don't have a lot of bass, but my impression is they are quite accurate to the recording and bass in room is not boosted substantially in any way.

What they do as well as any speaker I've ever heard is imaging, I know a lot of people say this but these speakers really do disappear, the soundstage is much wider than the speakers and sounds emerge from outside the speakers that is captivating to hear.

Visually I love how they turned out, I can stare at the character in that solid Birch baffle for hours, I wanted to do something a little different and I think I accomplished that. It was fun to play off the white theme and also highlight the high quality materials I used, though the Russian Birch plywood I used didn't have a special veneer on it, treating it with some respect and love really made it look the best it could be.

If you get a chance to see and hear these I'll be thrilled, they'll likely be at InDIYana as well and maybe Parts Express MWAF, we'll see.

Check out the pics and thanks for following along everyone, these projects are much more fun with all of you looking over my shoulder - Thanks!

Complete Building Guide:

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