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DAP 0.56 cu. ft. (15.8 liters) Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet with MDF

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Your Price: ₹1,770.00
Part Number: SC15F
Availability: Can Dispatch Immediately
Feature: CNC-cut MDF panels for precise fit and finish
Feature: 0.56 cu. ft. internal volume
Feature: Build your own bookshelf or center channel speaker
Feature: Assembles in minutes and includes an optional window brace

DAP 0.56 cu. ft. (15.8 liters) Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet with MDF

This CNC cabinets make it easy for the beginner to end up with amazing finished results without all of the time and effort necessary to perfect your woodworking skills, perfect for speaker builders who don't have expensive tools or access to a woodshop. Assembly literally takes minutes!

During the CNC process, dadoes are cut into the top, bottom, and rear of the side panels to ensure a secure fit while maximizing the gluing surface and making assembly easy. An optional window brace is included to offer rock-solid rigidity.

The front baffle features roundovers on the sides for a professional look while minimizing diffraction, and the entire cabinet is made of MDF for an acoustically inert effect on speakers.

NOTE: Front Panel & Back Panel Can Be Customized as per your requirements. (contact us)

Product Specifications
BrandDiy Audio Parts
Panel thickness18mm
Panel materialMedium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Finished cabinet volume0.56 cubic feet (15.8 Liters)
External dimensions16'' H x 8.5'' W x 11'' D
Internal dimensions14.5'' H x 7'' W x 9.5'' D

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