1. DAP 250/90mm Heavy Black Anodized Heatsink HD250

DAP 250/90mm Heavy Black Anodized Heatsink HD250

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DAP 250/90mm Heavy Black Anodized Heatsink HD250

All purpose aluminium heat sink. Suitable for subwoofer amplifiers, electronic applications, PC mounts, Power Supply etc. Specifically designed fins to get maximum surface area and thermal conductance. The heatsink section profiles have been designed to provide an optimum fin profile for a given fin height, length and convection condition. Adequate section thicknesses are provided to maintain conservative temperature gradients across all heatsink surfaces and ensure ample mechanical strength which is necessary for mounting components.

Product Specifications
  • MaterialAluminium
  • ColorBlack Anodized
  • External Length250 mm
  • External Width90 mm
  • External Height
    40 mm


  • High thermal conductivity
  • Provides superior heat dissipation due to the tapered fin design
  • For use with high current ICs and high power amplifiers
  • The black aluminum alloy heat sink

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