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Jantzen Audio 6.8uF 100V Alumen Z-Cap

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Your Price: ₹3,975.00
Part Number: 001-7050
Availability: Can Dispatch Immediately
Feature: Pure aluminum foil with PP film dielectric construction
Feature: Oxygen free copper leads helps lower series resistance
Feature: Epoxy sealed ends and flame retardant tape wrap protects against high humidity
Feature: Extremely tightly wound to prevent internal vibration and microphonic distortion
Feature 5 Extremely low ESR and SEL & Non inductive construction
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4+ ₹3,776.25

Jantzen Audio 6.8uF 100V Alumen Z-Cap

Jantzen Audio premium capacitor line, Alumen Z-Cap, uses a pure aluminum foil and incredibly thin film dielectric to deliver improved transparency and performance over polypropylene capacitors. The Alumen Z-Cap will offer a more natural presentation in the overall sound from crossover designs, particularly when used in series with tweeters and midranges. The Alumen Z-Caps use a much thinner dielectric insulator compared to the market standard allowing for less memory effect, which improves charge and discharge rate making these a much faster reacting capacitor.

Product Specifications
Brand Jantzen Audio
Capacitance 6.8 uF
Voltage Rating 100V
Tolerance 3%
Dimensions 25mm Dia. x 87mm L

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