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Jantzen Audio SS-16 Black Oxide Spike set 1 Pcs

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Jantzen Audio SS-16 Black Chrome Spike Set 1 Pcs

Product Specifications
BrandJantzen Audio
M6 Dia10mm
FineshBlack Chrome
Height36 mm
Includes36mm spike, 1 Pad and 1 T-Nut

Why to use Spikes
The loudspeaker cabinet trembles during sound reproduction, through a working speaker membrane or several loudspeakers that propel the air accumulated inside the column. When the column is directly on the floor, the resulting vibrations are transmitted to the ground. Resonances cause the reverberation effect and "blur" the bass resonance. The louder we listen to music, the more intensified the effect. To avoid this, the spikes are most often used.

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