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SB Acoustics SB17CAC35-4 6'' ceramic woofer - 4 ohms

SB Acoustics SB17CAC35-4 6'' ceramic woofer - 4 ohms

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  • Why Ceramic? Ceramic cones offer smoothness and harmonic richness unavailable from conventional paper cone material. Ceramic materials also offer significantly higher stiffness numbers and slightly better internal losses than typical metals such as titanium or aluminum. Compared to polymers, paper, and other soft materials


More consistent performance over a wide range of temperature and humidity. For example, polypropylene's performance changes dramatically with temperat


Superior immunity to UV light and sunlight.


Superior immunity to water and salt water.


Superior immunity to combustibility

Feature 5

Significantly higher stiffness to weight ratio.

SB Acoustics SB17CAC35-4 6'' ceramic woofer

Product Specifications
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
DC resistence,Re3.1 ohms
voice coil inductance,Le0.13 mH
Free air resonance,Fs29.5 Hz
Sensitivity(2.83V/1m)90 dB
Mechanical Q-factor,Qms4.70
Electrical Q-factor,Qes0.31
Total Q-factor,Qts0.29
Moving mass incl. air,Mms15.2 g
Force factor,BI5.3 Tm
Equivalent volume,Vas37.8 liters
Compliance,Cms1.91 mm/N
Mechanical loss,Rms0.6 Kg/s
Rated power handling*60W
Effective piston area,Sd 118 cm²
Voice coil diameter35.5 mm
Voice coil height16 mm
Air gap height5 mm
Linear coil travel(p-p)11 mm
Magnetic flux density1.0 T
Magnetic weight0.4 Kg
Net weight1.56 Kg

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