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SB Acoustics Satori Rinjani 2.5 Way Speaker Kit with Beryllium Tweeter - Pair

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Your Price: ₹139,000.00
Part Number: Rinjani BE
Availability: Can Dispatch in Jan 1st Week
Feature: Advanced High-end Drivers
Feature: Facets on top of cabinet for reduced high frequency diffraction

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SB Acoustics Satori Rinjani 2.5 Way Speaker Kit with Beryllium Tweeter - Pair

Taken from volcano mountain in Lombok, Indonesia with astonishingly nature beauty panorama, RINJANI kit is designed to deliver transparent and dynamic sound reproduction. The Rinjani is a 2.5-way floor standing speaker kit based on top line of SATORI drivers 6.5" MW16P and TW29BN.

The RINJANI gently faceted top corner shape is specially designed to reduce high frequency diffraction and yields superp imaging qualities. 7° inclined cabinet shape has purpose to deliver sound staging even with simple crossover design. Whilst, the idea behind inclined bottom is to diminish standing waves. Build-in pedestal is designed to generate accent on its unique design.

All the cabinet panels are cut from 18mm MDF with internal bracing to distribute cabinet vibrations evenly and hence lower sound coloration. Unwanted direct reflection is minimized by wedge shaped inner rear walls. The RINJANI also has dual ports at the  back to distribute port resonance evenly.

While the ARA is the smaller brother of RINJANI with same design concept.

Product Specifications
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
Frequency Range42 - 30000 Hz +/-3 dB
Sensitivity(2.83V/1m)89 dB
Max SPL107 dB
RecommendedAmplifier50 - 200watts
Crossover Frequency2300 Hz
Enclosure TypeBass Reflex
Port Tuning Frequency35.5 Hz
Tweeter UsedSatori TW29BN Beryllium Tweeter
Woofer UsedSatori 6.5'' MW16P-4
Cabinet Material18mm MDF
Cabinet Dimensions1010 X 190 X 464 mm (39.72 X 7.48 X 18.27 inch)
Weight22.42 Kg

Note: Demo Available at Diyaudioparts - Hyderbad

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